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Food supplement Lymphosan. F Beauty

A complex for women with the plant sorbent pectin, which is a source of dietary fiber and a complex of plant extracts.
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Package Quantity 90 g
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Recommended use

Put one (1) teaspoon into a cup (8 fl.oz) of warm water mix thoroughly and then drink all at once, take once or twice a day. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


Warning and storage conditions

– Individual intolerance to the food supplement ingredients.
– Medical advice is recommended before intake.
– Keep out of reach of children!
– Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
– The product does not replace a diversified diet.
– Food supplements do not substitute a well-balanced and diversified diet or a healthy lifestyle.
– Not intended for children!
– Not intended for pregnant and lactating women.
– Free from gluten and lactose.

Store in a dry place, away from light, at a temperature of no more than 25°C.


Pectin, guar gum, watercress herb extract, topinambur roots powder, mint leaves extract, grape seeds extract, clover flowers extract, soy extract, aloe vera extract-gel.

1 spoon (7.5 g) contains:

Ingredients Amount
Pectin 2.92 g
Guar gum 1.5 g
Watercress extract 1.41 g
Topinambur root powder 0.75 g
Inulin 225 mg
Mint leaf extract 0.33 g
Grape seed extract 0.25 g
Polyphenols 75 mg
Clover flower extract 0.18 g
Isoflavones 18 mg
Soy extract 0.16 g
Soy isoflavones 32 mg
Fiber content 3.9 g
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