The Research and Innovation Center
Each product is based on a true science!
Siberian Wellness is proud of own scientific developments. We study biological activity of plants, their properties and influence on a human body in the Research and Innovation Center. State-of-the-art technologies, top experts and research members with high experience in the field of biological active components allow us to release new innovative products every year. At the same time we support Russian science by implementing advances of young scientists and developing national research capacity.
Three key scientific approaches
Three key scientific approaches
Endoecology - purity of the internal environment of the body
Endoecology is the science that studies and develops the ways and means of maintaining the internal environment of the body as pure, thereby ensuring normal functioning of all organs and tissues. Endoecology is a new branch of scientific medicine, which is primarily meant to prevent diseases rather than to cure them.
Adaptation medicine – from the depth of the centuries
In the process of evolution, man would not only find internal reserves for self-preservation, but would also use various natural plants and herbs with adaptogenic properties. Adaptogens are known to have been widely used in folk medicine in Siberia, China, Altai, Tibet, and other countries of South-East Asia. References to them can be found in the earliest treatises on traditional Tibetan and Indian medicine. The messages of ancient healers are as convincing as ever even in the modern scientific environment. There is a branch of medicine that studies adaptive capabilities of human beings to environmental conditions and develops various ways to increase these capabilities.
Chronobiology – biorhythms and health
Chronobiology is the science that studies the genesis, nature, principles and importance of biological rhythms, and the way they relate to human health.
Production to care about the world.
The nature kindly gives us all its best and we, in turn, treat the delicate environment with due care. By adhering the principles of environment-friendly production, we installed multi-level water and air filtration systems, refused to use parabens, sulfates and other non-natural substances and switched to the bio-degradable components. For many years the environment care approach is our philosophy.
Three production principles.
We seek to be ideal in all things and adhere to three principles helping creation of unique products loved by millions of people all over the world.
Quality control
Thorough selection of raw materials, continuous surveillance on the equipment and supervision over compliance with formulas and testing of finished batches are the basis of Siberian Wellness quality. Confirmed by ISO and GMP certificates..
We are proud to have well-qualified, competent and motivated production personnel. Professional advancement programs allow keeping the highest level of specialists and developing capacities actively when new lines are deployed with participation of reliable and well-trained personnel.
Environment friendliness
Use of bio-degradable materials, membrane water purification plants and sophisticated air filtration system allow full compliance with Russian and international standards of environment friendly production.
Our production
Capacities are growing!
Because of in-house production we have a unique capability to supervise the whole process of the product creation, from development to delivery hereof to the Company Servicing Centers. Today we have three production complexes in operation: the first one was launched in 1999, the second in 2007 and the third complex, with the highest production capacity, was launched in 2016. Our lines are equipped with modern state-of-the-art equipment made in South Korea, Japan and China. High grade of equipment in use, purity of raw materials and treatment purification technologies allowed awarding of the production enterprise with international ISO and GMP certificates.
The strict, the better!
Quality of products is always one of priorities of the Company. This is why we underwent voluntary certification of our production lines according to GMP standard representing the set of norms to be applied in pharmacological industry. Today our internal requirements are more strict than ones provided by the law: production process includes four-time air purification, each product batch is checked for microbiological purity, physical and chemical parameters and organoleptics.
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