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Are You Ready for a Pumpkin Party?

"Fruitful autumn is the best time to have the most rousing meetings!" – said the characters of My Wellness Story. Said and done: Friends are getting ready for an autumn party. And this party won't be an ordinary one, it'll have a flavor of... pumpkin! Yes, you've heard it right! The main condition to join the party is a decoration or a dish made of a bright vegetable. You may say it's madness! Yes, it is! Fun? Absolutely! This means the players now have the task of getting the hall ready before the guests arrive.

Fruitful autumn is the best time to have the most rousing meetings!

From November 1 to 10, every player will be able to show one's hospitality. There is a lot to do: Light the fireplace and candles, hang the curtains and put the pillows and blankets. And of course to set the table! The best thing about the main character of autumn is that it is not only beautiful, but also incredibly useful: It is a source of vitamins, minerals and fibre and can be used to make nutritious soups, porridges and pies. This is where healthy eating tips from Yuri Gichev's blog, Cand. Sc. (Medicine), Head of Siberian Wellness Research and Innovation Centre, are a must!

Get plenty of vitamins from seasonal vegetables. Hurry up to update the game and join in the pumpkin madness! Follow the game's Instagram and Facebook pages. And be sure to share the results on your social media with #mywellnessstory and #mywellnessstorygame hashtags.

The Great Pumpkin invasion is already on the threshold, join in. And remember: If someone brings you a pumpkin, it means you are a good person!

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