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Wellness Drive. Inspire with a profitable wellness shopping!

Inspire with a profitable wellness shopping

How to win at shopping?
Join the winter Wellness Drive Siberian Wellness promotion – take fellow travellers with you ... and head for Siberia!

Step 1:
Just choose shopping with Siberian Wellness and get up to 25% cashback*

Step 2:
Make a purchase for 100 points (≈ 3050 Kč**) and get a 800 Kč certificate in addition to your cashback

Inspiring life hack:

Find friends who are going the same way as you, the way towards health, sports and beauty. Offer them to try Siberian Wellness: objednej si na 100 bodů, place an order for 100 points using your Registration number and your friends will get an awesome product, and you will get a certificate and cashback on the total purchase!

* Up to 15% (for the registration as a Client) and up to 25% (for the registration as a Consultant)
** The calculation of the cost is indicative, based on the prices of the Company basic price list, excluding promotional offers.

Take your friends to the wellness tour!

  • Read detailed terms
    1. The Promotion period: from January 1 to February 28, 2021.
    2. The Promotion participants: new Privileged Clients (PC) and Consultants, registered with Siberian Wellness during the Promotion validity period in Czech Republic. Consultants, who changed their status from the Privileged Client, cannot participate in the Promotion.
    3. The participant receives a gift certificate for 800 bonus crowns for one time based on the results of the promotional promotion month, upon fulfilling the following conditions:
    3.1. Registration with Siberian Wellness as a Privileged Client (PC) or a Consultant.
    3.2. Fulfillment of the Personal volume (excluding PC points) by one or several purchases for 100 points or more during registration month.
    4. Payments for purchases in Siberian Wellness have to be made only by the participant of the promotion. Purchases paid by a Mentor from his /her bonus account do not participate in the Promotion.
    5. Bonus certificate amount is fixed. The certificate is valid from February 3 to 28, 2021 for the participants, who fulfilled the promotion conditions in January; for the participants, who fulfilled the promotion conditions in February – from March 3 to 31, 2021. The unused promotion certificate is canceled. If a bonus amount of the certificate is not completely used, the remained amount is annulled. Commissions (points) are not credited for the whole purchase made using bonus certificates. Gift certificate is not subject to monetary compensation. You can use the bonus certificate on the website or in SIBERIAN WELLNESS Store only for the purchase of Siberian Wellness products with a points value.
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