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Happy stories marathon!

Participate in the promotion for new Consultants and Privileged Clients – Happy Stories! Create your happy story at Siberian Wellness: immerse into the world of natural products from the heart of Siberia – win a happy certificate for 500 bonus Kč and 25% cashback to purchase Company products!

How to become happier with Siberian Wellness?

  1. Become a Consultant or Privileged Client during the promotion period.
  2. Order Siberian Wellness products for 100 points or more within the registration month.
  3. Get your first happy certificate for 500 bonus Kč and use it while purchasing next month!
  4. Crave for more? Order products for 100 points or more, get a 25% cashback to your bonus account and continue your #happystories_sw!
Detailed terms and conditions
  1. The Promotion validity period: from March 1 to April 30, 2020.
  2. The Promotion participants: new Privileged Clients (PC) and Consultants (C), registered with Siberian Wellness during the promotion validity period in Czech Republic. Consultants, who changed their status from the Privileged Client, cannot participate in the Promotion.
  3. The participant receives a gift certificate for 500 bonus Kč based on the results of the promotional calendar month, upon fulfilling the following conditions:
    1. Registration with Siberian Wellness as a Privileged Client or Consultant.
    2. Fulfillment of the Personal volume (excluding PC points) by one or several purchases for 100 points or more during registration month made by the promotion participant without involving Mentor's funds.
  4. Bonus certificate amount is fixed. The gift certificate is valid for one month. The unused promotion certificate is canceled. If bonus amount of the certificate is not completely used, the remained sum expires. Commissions (points) are not credited for purchases made using bonus certificates. Gift certificate is not subject to monetary compensation. You can use the bonus certificate on the website or in the Company Servicing Center only for the purchase of Siberian Wellness products.
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