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The Siberian Propolis Elixirs (Silver elixier), 100 ml
The silver elixir contains a high concentration of this natural substance in the form of an easily absorbed propolis emulsion.
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Food Supplement Siberian Propolis Gold Elixir, 100 ml
An elixir with a highly active propolis emulsion for Improving both mental and physical vitality and health.
Price: Kč 355,00
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Price: Kč 70,00
Siberian Health luggage set
Two luggage bags with the Company logo (50,8 cm / 60,96 cm).
Price: Kč 2 695,00
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The Summer Set
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Food supplement SynchroVitals V, 60 capsules

A food supplement with arabinogalactan and botanical extracts

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SynhroVitals V is recommended for adults as a source of ginsenosides and as an additional source of apigenin. Contains polysaccharides, including the most important one - arabinogalactan. It is a great stimulator for the immune system, it increases the formation of immune cells with almost twice the effectiveness of echinacea. With the help of the active immunity-stimulating components and properties, the product has beneficial effects on the respiratory system, it lessens the severity of colds and infections.

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